New Beginnings

“An artist’s early work is inevitably made up of a mixture of tendencies and interests, some of which are compatible and some of which are in conflict.” –Bridgit Riley

I’ve been floundering, or near death, as an artist since my breakup with Renata Solimini; near death may be better seen as dead in fact, but now is time for a resurrection if I can manage to suffer through it. Above this text lies a sample of asemic writing that may be the first step into a new life as an artist. Where these awkward first steps will lead, only God knows; but it is unlikely they will lead to more pornographic artwork. I pray those days are ended.

I’ve a few trusty tools left for use in the creation of art, let me play with them and find new ways of expression through the use of them.

Tae Ateh

“I are we am Tae Ateh.”

Tae Ateh is a multiple identity project, it is an anagram for, “eat hate.” You may have seen this person in your Twitter or Facebook feed; they could be one of a number of individuals hijacking this identity for art’s sake. Tae Ateh has been known for creating login/password pairs on popular websites and social media, then sharing those logins in a raw dump so that others may have access to the accounts and play within the identity of Tae Ateh.

As Moan Lisa, my real identity has often been called into question, often times I find myself being accused of absurdist ideas of who or what I really am. And the idea of being a multiple identity has ranked up there among the notions of who I may be.

Tae Ateh is one of a history of multiple identities that include Karen Eliot and Monty Cantsin among its ranks; Tae Ateh being a bit unique among them as it is an ungendered identity.

Would you like to be Tae Ateh for a day? Simply create an account on your platform of choice, name it Tae Ateh, and deliver the login information to friends, family, and the public eye if you so dare.