Circulatory Membrane

An apostolic degeneration
Feeding wood lice their
Iniquity; and so it seemed
That every phrase of incendiary device
Should prowl about in dignity.

Given momentary pause,
Horrendous amplification
Between breath and lust
Could reminisce our foraging,
Keep straight the days

Auxiliary samples of beef jerky
Tasted between bites of longitudinal
Deprecation; I dreamed
The glory of the Lord.

Dismantling an atomic bomb,
In the birth before the blast.

Cutting the edges
Of indecency,
Antibiotics upon the playground.

Plagiarized Beginnings

I gave you infirmary;
The corporeal institution
Of design specs signifying
Astrological codependency,
Peculiarly placed exegesis.

Done in remarks,
Blank eschatological unsigned

Asking for reception
To an anatomical interest.

Do you bask
In the clear-cut imagery
Of diocese-independent catharsis;
As we break bread and cohere
To the singing forage you
Have come to know as isolationism?

Drown out the adamant glories
Of past-lives on roller skates;
In tune
Without metronome,

Give life and birth
To the sea.


Imperial glass broken
Beneath the feet of dualistic angels.

Redemption came in a moment
Of dystopian clarity,
Things cannot come
In sparse tokens
Like they do
When we adhere
To total disruption
To a lost cause.

Amphibian apocalypse,
Treated as right bends right
Beyond the grasp of any
Cerulean concubine.

Perimeter is maintained
Through apostasy.

And I breed maggots
In the interest of humanity’s
Periodic disintegration
Of phlegm.

As cause
For calamity.

Here we are, purging
The last hour of our

Hard as Glass

Incomplete word structures,
Boasting incoherency; like diagrammatical
Simplex in a claustrophobic appointment.

I grew necessity from fire,
My carbon monoxide systematic equation
Countdown to nuclear holocaust,
One, two, six, eighteen.

When in Rome,
Split hairs between
Semaphores & Pontius Pilate.

We can recreate enough blasphemies
To cover the shins
Of professional soccer players,
As they march
Onto the field and take
Their spaces; faces
Illuminating the dark.

Wholly transpired substance,
Thrown about by medical
A cacophony of loud music,
Shin dig.

Inharmonic oscillation
Professing the transmutation
Of heterosexual pigmentation.


Wiggle my way
Towards ice.

The homeless shelter
Brings rain, and in winter
No warmth.

Only desolation;
Impurity and laughter.

I am my own hypocrisy.

Dedicated to a menagerie
Of imperial diminution,
You are the sleeve
That sinks
Beneath the shutter
Of my pig-proscribed
Fueled by demonic consultation.

Forever beneath the glass.

Polypeptide Pornographies

Yuletide hashtag;
Grim correspondences
Between isolated atomic


Blessed reunion of actionary give-
Take; corruptives.

Sleaze centrifuged,
As though ice
And snow
Could replace
The brokenness
With my heart.

Parades on fire;
Seeking holiday
Upon the sands
Of dissonant attire,
A tragic centerfold.

Burgundy wash me,
Spread my legs open;
Purge hegemony, and seize
A complicated