Pink Origami Sundown

Show flake;
Neither do I tell you.

And so,
Before the crowd could extoll;
There came a voice.

Deafened ears,
With hypocritical tongues,
Devoured their ontological programmatic
Destined for Fortuna’s cult.

And indemnifiable contrivance
Isolationist condemnation.

In the iron shackles
Which brought
Into Hell.

Deification of created matter made
By man;
Whether it be
Hypothetical, gold, or artificially maintained
Arrays of data;
These be gods

Aerodynamic Guesswork

In the follicles of time,
There lived an apprentice of happenstance;
Who gained a monogamous tetrahedron
In exchange
For his soul.

So the story goes.

But then,
With idolatries and fact,

The magic in him
Grew cold;
And he absorbed
The facts of repenting pejoratives.

Another wing grew;
Then two.

And in this cerebral hemisphere of death,
Became again
Without faction,
Without cause
Or cruelty or will.

Only the hope
Of disenfranchisement &
Slow redemption,

Placing hate aside,
And casting Utopia
A second glance.

Mnemonic Transport Ship

Obfuscate the cylindrical.

Pejorative hyperactive
Bleeding into visceral amalgams;
My knight
In shining black corset.


Dreary nitwits
Bleeding oxygen into space
As they
Travel towards
The Black Hole God;
Keeping pace
With aromatic idols;
And coming on wings,

Into the heirloom hypocrisy.
Bathing in soft tissue,
Pleading with the Inner Sanctum;

This is

Darkness Tends, Despite

What I wanted,
In plain view of everyone;
Bore fruit.

And through deceit,
I grew;
A painful way

Love lasted for cruelty,
And in my hands,
The blood
Of an
Ungodly condition.

Wherefrom my heart was made
Of coal;
Crisp, clean coal.
To burn.

From that grave,
Carried on the wings
Of sacred text;
I stirred.

Contemplating recovery.

Contrived Majestic Pulsations

Hermetic indifference,
Sealed by construed molecular beat;
Hear the rhythm of song,
As an indication
Of what is going wrong.

I apologized
Without gaining
Any form
Of cosmological argument;
Here I seal my lips,
Cross my heart
And hope.

As once an ignition
Begins to turn
The Engine of Destruction;
Capitalist, communist, atheist;
Governmental indicator & idolater.

We combust & burn before
The time;
Describing our fate
Apologetic & unsubstantiated truth.