Economical Uprising

In the night,
Between the raising
Of alarms,
Each desperate sigh and cry
For the end to pass;

As I go by,
Dreaming of the catastrophic hour,
One word meant
To overpower
All the likelihoods of time.

Not in your best interest,
As one fades into three;
And all are pardoned
But the last, those crowds
Which held him in contempt.

Can they possibly
Achieve the unlock code
Which brings them
Fetid dreams of an Apocalypse Sunday?

Belching Foot

The squeamishness of an angelic oyster;
Crowding the beaches
With its

Interrogation technique,
Moving mounds of sand,
And down
The throats with violence.

Anesthetization of a frontal lobe,
Parietal then substrate
And the globe;
Your own beneficence betrayed.

Glitter & horses all arrayed,
As if to dine on sinister parenthetical
Vibrations of a coming storm wind.