Outcast Forensic

Molecular estrangement,
Symptomatic pulse reacting
With an irreplaceable transfiguration.

Cannot consume hypotheticals,
Only verse;
So when contemptible
Periodic sutures
Pickle my pride,
Know that I have guessed
The iridescent pitchfork.

Amalgamation of isocylinder
Recombustion; parading as unique
And unidentifiable truth; given iniquity.

Whose plain incomprehensible delivery
Supersedes transactionary substrata.

Guesswork and grunge;
Geriatrics perpendicular to my own
Inadherent scab wounds.


Incomplete surrender of Corpus Christi;
Evolutionary biological culprit,
Spending all the cash on ancestry.

In the thicket,
A biological conundrum piercing
The flesh of angelic apostles;
Freeing the incoherence
Of states
Of matter

I give you eternity.

Scraping off the stardust
From your cornea.

Giving incoherent truth structures,
My admonition,
My plagiarism,
My disaster.

Independent Thought Versus Horde Mentality

“I agree,”
I say in the face
Of a gun
Pressed up
Against my forehead.

The book says
Is the truth.”

You are hydrocarbons.

Feces left
At my doorstep
By a hacker
Whose views
Didn’t coincide
With my voice.

Down the rabbit hole I go,
To rediscover carbon monoxide;
And die,
A plagiaristic synthesis
Of wet sound,
Immersed in dragons’ flesh.


Flirtatious entrepreneur;
Squeamish cylinder poking corruptive
Animosities like black bugs;
Hoping we can repudiate
Every last blackbird
With a hint of disruption.

I like to long,
But you won’t
Allow a brain freeze.

So I dither
Adolescent yearnings
As one becomes two,
And we divorce
For the sake of purity & breath.

Punching holes
In my imaginary space,
Where sequence
Divides flesh.

Because impurity concedes
To amalgamation;
Our oscilloscope
Bleeds hemorrhagic
As clusters of stars
Rescind their heavenly scope.

I cast fever
Upon drought.
Gave up
For heliotropic uncertainty.

Cast me in a bed
Of my own vomitous pejoratives.


Remittent lullabies,
Plagiarized synthetic pomegranates;
Speaking lively truths
About the vicinity
Of devils.

Through antagonistic circulation,
My integrity forsworn
Because of lackluster inharmonics.

Hoping they would reduce
The cost of my wedding,
To nominal fee;

I proceeded to incorporate
The reproductive teachings
Of assimilation of semen
As it was philosophized
By inebriated pseudo-psychologists.

Come with me
Into delusional paragraphs,
Let us earn
Divulgence of
Symmetry & parapsychology.


Petunia comes
In so many shades;
A flower like
No other.

Glass wobbles, curvature
Of downright liquid apprehension.

Two marbles, at odds,
Like billiards;
Motioning the sick fanatics whose
Icosahedron realities march forth
With mystic spires
At their heels.

Tendencies towards
Revolutionary artifacts;
One comes squeezing
The trigger. As if
The finger were a whore;

Bloated identity remarks a
Parallel reunion whose plasticity
Breeds demonified cartography.

Angels and saints
In revolutionary attire.