Beer Bought by the Box

Should you come across as vain;
In my mind, all things carry
A bit of vanity to themselves.

And though I redeem my buckets
Of impurity through the post-apocalyptic
Penance; I fear for change.

Downright madness.
It consumes, and it prevails;
Through hosts,
These parasitic demons
Urging on to demolish and provoke;
Castrate and center and recenter
The field of idolatries.

The virgin’s mouth
Becomes a fleet
Of incandescent ships
All urged onwards and forwards,
To where the body lay.


The ornamental and the devout,
Preconceived idolatries without
Circumscribed condition;
Here are where we differ.

In the piecewise unity of devotee;
Calligraphic integrity overridden
By false doctrine, as though we were
To spread our legs before Father.

One discussion of a head of state
With dignity; with circumcised adulterers.

Chastity and periodically intense
Floundering gods; keeping pose
As prostrated pigs convulse.

And in repose, the ornamental godhead;
Complete biography obtained by
Bleating and cooing into the Holy Ghost.

Memories are impurities.

Church Key

Fluorescent bulb
Ostracized cerebral concussive,
Spitting out the flares
Of our emergency reincarnation;
Only hope and fear keep us alive.

Decentralized migratory pathway,
Purging the unnecessary peacock’s tail;
As though through Hell, we might prevail.

The testimony of two,
Forgotten truths devoured by flame;
The same gang whose battalions
Suffered air strikes as the affinity
Towards men on the moon manifested.

I showered you with blank pages,
Revealed my innate conundrums
Through hypothesizing chemical wars.

Through truncated arithmetic persuasion.

October’s Delights

Pentecostal ideations,
A silhouette in fire,
As roses bleed the poignant strokes
Of lovers;

My constantly changing acrobatic pulse,
Derived from the first line of Scarface,
Simplistic parabola,
Shaped with the idolatries
Of fallen angels.

Scorned catastrophes,
Symbiotic analogies;
Western stars triumvirate;
As though a scourge were coming.

Blisters upon skin too tight
To comprehend the meaning
Of apocalyptic scorn.

Thermonuclear Grease

Painted walrus,
We come together today to form
A blanket opinion upon your past;
Denial in frustration,
And the glue
Which binds us into
Calcutta’s fingers, dainty whore.

Abused by saints;
Contemptible riots hanging on the tongues
Of angels,
As they pass by the wading pool.

A clause for all occasions;
Dry grass in the mouth,
Nebuchadnezzar’s last breakfast;
And the sealing up of the tabernacle.

One lonely, only God;
Flush with parasites.