Frozen Face in the Dark

Contemplating mustard gas divination,
As easily as poignant prose persuades;
His bitter little lie, ostracized as accumulative
Interoperative transformer performance
Pieces together Lucky’s eye.

Broken and shattered in diminutive
Precession as accumulative transmogrification
Tears a hole in my skirt;
Forever in transparency.

Lackluster garments as they were
Spittle in the dusk; risen on caricatures
Of the Devil, as he won swords.

And words.
And dust,
Miscalculated as the truth.

Heaven in hydrocarbon.

Perennial mistakes,
Present & prescient.

How we make mischief from misogyny?

Paraphrasing Six

Disastrous hyphenation stoking
Amniotic fluid lapse in judgement;
Hyperion no longer lingers
On the tongue like a sour patch kid.

New wonders receipt; six part ticket.

With broken English and scurvy,
I’ve loved to emancipate your
Proximity to bludgeoned death.

No more pancreatic cancers;
No tumors to melt with our
Hydrogen peroxide.

Unfortunate camouflaged crap;
Oinking in the bathwater.

We are going out for a while,
Asking only predictive text
To write a poem for tonight;
Prescient beauteous fumble fuck.

Dressing for the family portrait
At a funeral with the dead.


In time to
Accelerate my phone bill;
Every false charge
A sanctuary of supple foreskin.

In three degrees
Of separation; I’ve found God.

And unlikely deteriorative conjunction
Foreskin swaddling; depleted caricature
Of Donny Osmond.

Trapped beneath broken atmosphere,
As space and nothingness approach
Disastrous voluminous hypotenuses.

The Devil does not toy
With his meals.
Nor do they come happy
And complete.

Better to break function and say,
“Here we have Hyperion.”

Glassworks abrade and brush
Thickly woven steel cylinders;
Breaking point coming
To you in falsely spoken cylinders.

Fresh Memories of Satan’s Seal

Upon loose lips;
Whose soaking wet
Saliva slips;

And end over
End drips.

In my hands,
Wet with my own
Perennial oxide,

Slowly waking into glass
As it was shattered upon
My brow, my eye brow.

Dunking donuts into marmalade;
As this transparency of sound
Begins me to believe in ice cream
Observation; the only way
We can recover some vacancy
Of theoretical interpretation.


Welled up ovulations;
Conceding therapies for delivery,
Babies in diapers reformatting
My hard drive. Mona Lisa

Theory pursues pinpointed
Malnourishment, seized believers.

I trust in his reconciliation;
He points me towards
The sheriff’s station.

I have no bills, no short change
Phenomenon to blast me into
Paradise; just a cup of hot water,
And a staff infection misnomer.

Tweezers, ride and bust dioxide
Carbohydrate maturity;
My discombobulation, false scenery
Speckled miscreants speaking
Black exposure with experiential
Derivatives to hustle the new tide.

Crippled Detritus

Pejorative demographics,
The kind which lies
About being corrupt
Among nations; planted
In the escape pods
For new moon receipts.

Likely to cause passion’s
Bursting at a reprehensible
Socket and wave as one.

Lethargic; catatonic disruption
Because as fear results from
The trickling of endemic rage;

My platform shows no sign
To grovel lightly
At the thought of violent