Maria’s Diary: Entry #2

Diuretic synthesis of episcopal arousal
pooling in the catacombs with her innate
motion-detecting hegemonic curves;

I see splatter paintings,
I see her blue enamel eyes,
I see her pain, flooding everything.

Nature’s eyes peel back,
revealing everything as seen by God;
the drips in the sky,
the rips and tears in the fabric of our epiphanies,
soldering deep silences across the circuitry of
handheld innuendo.

I keep all secretions of my insanities
in my diary’s revelatory paginations.

Maria’s Diary: Entry #1

Homophobic erotic android;

Dreaming of her electric incongruities,
beating back betrayal in the garden.

I said to her, “bring me my amalgamation.”
and she replied, “no, mother. I am your daughter.
Divine mercy has played a role in our heredity.
Take the subway to the next stop.”

And we exchanged glances at dusk,
eradicated the sinusoidal imperfections.
We broke silence in the dark of midnight,
and closed captioned our anemic metamorphoses.

All the vessels held my inoculations,
and my anesthetizations.
And as the moon descended,
my mouth watered the tree of knowledge,

Two more cultures could
recite my works;
and pray for their disintegration of form and function.

Not Nothing

A selection of photos of the book Not Nothing as edited by myself during my study of decollage and “nothing.” This is now owned by Stephie Nu-ttall (UK); the book was a 2 or 3 week experiment in reducing the text by cutting, sandpapering, tearing, inking, etc.

Emptying the Vault

In around 2013 I destroyed all of my digital works on disk. I have done it again, now, in 2017. The original files were decimated and I will be mailing out a couple of copies of disks with reduced quality jpegs of a selection of the works to friends. These will include digital collage works, mostly of the nude female form as was up until now my main theme of works. I don’t know what the future will bring but this is a big step for me into the void.

This performance will be titled, Emptying the Vault

Digital copies of the selected works will be available for free download at: